About (or, A Short Story)

In 2013, omniWP was taken with migrating a client’s store between Etsy and WooCommerce, but we didn’t have time to move hundreds of products by hand, a manual task that would have taken weeks to do accurately,, we needed to reduce our migration time to a few hours! Out of necessity a solution had to be written, and this inspired our first premium shop migration tool – Etsy to WooCommerce Export was born and has helped other Etsy shop owners quickly open their independent WooCommerce stores.

Around a year later, another shop had to be migrated, this time between WooCommerce and Shopify – the experience from our previous client and the success of the tools created helped guide our development and the creation of our second shop migration solution – the WooCommerce to Shopify Exporter was developed in conjunction with real wold shop owners giving us valuable insight into the complexities of self-managed stores and allowed us to tailor a flexible answer to all needs.

Conquering this task was no small feat, once done it made sense to reverse the process “why not we said” and this gave us our third pillar – the Shopify to WooCommerce Importer (as you might have guessed our creative team spent weeks on the name!) and from there the ball has been rolling…

Earlier this year (2017), we decided to tackle Etsy to service clients jumping on Shopify’s meteoric rise, and that’s where Etsify fits in.

Etisfy builds upon our years of experience with e-commerce platforms and reflects the same high standards of code, usability and stability of our previous products. As with previous solutions, Etsify provides store owners with the flexibility and simplicity needed for a hassle free out of the box shop migration.

As with previous solutions, Etsify was written to provide Shop Owners with as much flexibility needed while keeping everything simple and export-ready out of the box.

We like our clients and subscribers to have peace of mind, and you should know we’ve decided not to take on the world; – omniWP intends to stay focused on our current suite of migration tools, further developing, perfecting and expanding them as we receive feedback from real world usage.

Who is omniWP?

omniWP has been developing for the web since 2005 and working closely with Shopify and Etsy APIs since 2013. omniWP has also created several Etsy SEO tools, such as EtsyProbe and FindMyRank.

If you have ANY questions or feedback, please contact us directly via the contact popup on the bottom right; we provide real human responses 🙂